Aha. The end changed everything.

I haven’t been shy…well, when I was updating this blog in the fall, I wasn’t shy about my goal to finish a full draft of a book by the end of 2011. On December 15, I met that goal.

While that accomplishment was worth celebrating, the real moment was writing the final line of the final chapter—so that’s what I’ve been writing towards! Gaining that insight changed everything and I was ready to revise immediately. However, I forced myself to go “writing free” for two weeks. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done, but it was so worth it. By the time I started revisions, I had a fresh perspective and more energy.

During my writing hiatus I also realized this blog needs a better focus, both for you and me. Once I sent my manuscript off to my first reader, I finally gave this neglected site some thought. And I’ve got big changes almost ready to roll.

Look for news, and something new, here soon. (I promise very soon, not two months down the line.)

Okay, enough about me. How’s 2012 treating you?