A fork in the road: taking both paths as a writer

If I could choose one word to describe the last year, it would be focus. I’m more focused in the type of freelance copywriting projects I want and I’ve become very clear in my goals—and voice—as a creative writer.

This blog: not so focused. But I’m going to fix that.

Because this site has housed my portfolio and been the launching point for my business a.k.a writer, I’ve been mindful of being professional. I’ve written every post as though as prospective or current client might read it. That’s fine, but it’s felt very confining when it comes to the creative non-fiction writing that I love so much. It muted my voice and created a distance that didn’t feel write right.

So now I’m going to focus a.k.a writer on copywriting and freelancing, which includes things like tips for building a business and “ask a.k.a.” I’ll also be posting related images to my pinterest boards. For a more creative outlet, I’ve started a new tumblr  a written life: the alphabet’s personal. My tumblr is more of a playground and will include quotes, links, photos and posts about writing. Topics will range from memoir to finding an agent to what strikes me at the moment. (You may see some content seeded from old a.k.a writer posts; I will also be writing new pieces.) Having the two sites has been re-energizing and inspiring. There’s so much to write!

There’s no obligation to visit both sites, but I hope one of them will speak to you. If there’s anything you’d like to see on a.k.a writer, let me know in the comments here.