Meet Me

Jesaka LongTeaching Young Voices
For finding new approaches on the spot and reveling in imagination, there’s nothing better than teaching young writers. As a Lighthouse Writers Workshop Youth Program Faculty member and a Think 360 Arts for Learning Teaching Artist, I regularly teach creative nonfiction, screenwriting and fiction intensives to youths in grades 5 – 12 throughout the Denver area. For one-on-one tutoring info and rates, contact me.

Upcoming 2019 classes:

New! I’m so thrilled to be the instruction for the Lighthouse Teen Drop-In Writing. Come write with me and other young writers every other Thursday at Lighthouse in Denver. Find the details here.

Classes listed below are through Lighthouse Writers Workshop. Register before February 1, 2019 for an early bird pricing discount!

Lighthouse Summer Camp applications are now open! I’ll be one of the instructors for both the full-day, weeklong Middle School Summer Camp and High School Summer Camp. Apply here.


Writing Accolades 

  • Finalist in the 2016 Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition
  • Finalist in the 2015 SeriesFest Storytellers Initiative Comedy Pilot Competition
  • Top 10% of the Drama category in the 2015 Austin Film Festival (AFF) Screenplay Competition 
  • Top 10% of the Drama category in the 2014 Austin Film Festival (AFF) Screenplay Competition 
  • Top 10% of the Comedy Category in the 2013 Austin Film Festival (AFF) Screenplay Competition
  • Semi-Finalist for the 2014 Bluecat Screenplay Competition
  • Featured Screenplay in the 2014 Portland Film Festival (one of four scripts)
  • Finalist for the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund for Nonfiction


Writing for Hire: Copywriting
Approach & Clients
My writing ability is tied to my ear. A co-worker once proofread a speech I’d written for a CEO and described my work as “creepy,” because the page sounded exactly like the man. It’s this ear-to-the-page talent that keeps my freelance copywriting inbox full. Clients hire me to capture a singular voice, whether it’s a person, product or brand. I’ve stepped into well-established brand voices like Nordstrom and Starbucks, developed the sound of new companies and collaborated with authors on projects ranging from industry publications to memoirs.

Clients also single me out for a human sound. I can take dense, often technical, information and distill it into text an actual person can understand—and even want to read. This skill landed me one of my all-time favorite projects: writing for the San Francisco War Memorial & Performing Arts Center. (A dream project for a theatre geek like me.) I got to sing the beauty of their event venues while also helping SFWMPAC detail specifications like lighting systems and fly space.

These two skills have elevated everything I’ve written, from digital copy (web, email and social) and marketing materials to white papers and industry publications to speeches and video scripts. And they’ve thrilled a range of current and past clients, including Intermec Technologies, Booyah Online Advertising, Nordstrom, Starbucks, REI, Vail Resorts, San Francisco War Memorial & Performing Arts Center, Microsoft, Prologis, Van Hyest Group (with end client Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), VOCO Creative, AZDS Interactive, Bespoke Relocation, White Plate Creative and others.