Video: this thankful writer

With Thanksgiving in the United States just hours away, my attention has turned from word counts to baking. The holiday tends to kick off what’s known as my “baking season” and it’s my number one distraction from writing during November and December. This year, however, I have to balance the measuring ingredients with getting the words to the page: I have a goal of a full rough draft manuscript by December 31.

I can see myself meeting that goal and can’t wait for the day I can print out the full draft (sorry trees) to start the revisions. As a writer, here are the top three things I’m thankful for right now:

  1. time to write
  2. supportive friends and family
  3. access to writers

What do I mean by access to writers? Whether it’s connecting 140 characters at a time on Twitter or hearing an author speak about his or her writing via video, we can find inspiration from our favorite writers on a daily basis. One of my most treasured experiences from the last two years of Aspen Summer Words Writing Retreat has been hearing Nikky Finney read her poetry and share her stories. I could listen to her strong, powerful, tender voice all day long. In the video here, she reads “Left,” from her latest collection of poetry Head Off and Split.

What are you thankful for this year?