Resource Roundup: Putting You Out There

Tools. Image courtesy of stock.xchng®While recent news reports are indicating that layoffs are slowing down (finally!), it’s still taking highly talented, qualified professionals longer than usual to find good jobs. Recently the blog The Denver Egoist posted the results of creative job searches on popular websites. The result: ouch.

But it’s Friday and important to reiterate that people are finding jobs. One of the best things about Facebook is that people are charting their job searches, interviews and – yes – successes.

Here’s a round of up resources for polishing your resume, writing a results-getting letter or collecting some frank advice. If you’re already kicking off your weekend, these resources will be here for you on Monday morning.

Resume Tips

Cover Letter Tips


These are bloggers who tell you like it is – no sugar coating. Trust them.

  • Punk Rock HR: an HR professional gone rogue
  • Lindsay Olson: a recruiter who’s not afraid to share her industry’s pet peeves

In future posts, I’ll share top tips for using LinkedIn (a must for any professional, including independents like me) and my favorite freelance resources.

Got any favorite sites or advice to share? Do you have a favorite job-hunting tip? The floor is yours!

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