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About and Around TownOr, as I’m certain some of my friends would insist, “Blogger About the Blogosphere” because, really, I haven’t left Denver lately. Still, I’ve found myself in some fun new places.

One of my favorite things about having this site and writing is meeting other bloggers, especially writers and designers.

The Write Network

You may have noticed the new badge on the right side of my blog. Now is the big reveal. I am one of the new members of The Write Network, which brings together articles from a range of great websites for writing, with each article doing one simple thing – helping writers do things right write. You can find excepts from my blog there (as well as the a.k.a writer profile page) – and you may discover some new blogs, like Men With Pens.

The Backstory Cafe

I connected with writer Windy Lynn Harris when she left a comment here at a.k.a writer. At The Backstory Cafe, Windy’s fictional characters hang out and it’s a great opportunity to read some of her works-in-progress or discover a character that was edited out of a published piece. I’ve also added this blog to my links list. Around and About TownShe also has a feature called Great Blogs Written By Fun People. And, look, there’s me! Thanks for adding me to this lively list, Windy.

Hi, I’m Grace Smith

Well, I’m not Grace Smith. She is. This freelance web designer based in Northern Ireland is a self-described “designer, apple fangirl and twitter addict.” (You can follow her on Twitter @gracesmith.) She posted a question on Twitter and then shared her favorite answers on her blog. Yup, she picked me (and 54 others).  Be sure to check out this quirky piece.

So where have you been lately? Do you have blog-ish places to recommend? (Images courtesy of stock.xchng®)

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  1. Hi Jesaka,

    Thank you for introducing me to something new today–The Write Network is fantastic! I appreciate your nod to my blog too. I’ll keep checking back here for your sage advice 🙂


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