Resume Right: Font 101

One of my coworker’s favorite interview questions is “what is your favorite font?” She’s serious. While you don’t have to be a font savant to pick the right resume typeface, there a few things you must know.

Rule #1: Do not use Comic Sans.

Rule #2: Do not use Comic Sans. Ever.

This font may seem harmless, but it’s considered a highly unprofessional font by most people, including recruiters. Not worried about recruiters? Even professionals in roles like retail operations and IT will tell you it’s an inappropriate resume font. Some may be so bold as to tell you not to use it in your email.

Still don’t believe me? There are even websites devoted to this much maligned font. Here’s one and one more – just a sampling. Bottom line: you don’t want a font so despised it has its own “ban comic sans manifesto” mucking up your chance at a new job.

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