New Year = New Resume

While perhaps not quite as popular a resolution as dieting or getting your finances into shape, updating your resume is a great way to start 2009. Even if you are employed full-time and enjoy your job, you should keep your resume updated. You never know when you might have a new department leader who prefers pursuing your printed job history to a verbal meet-and-greet.

Tips for quick updates:

  • Make sure your contact information, including your physical address, is current.
  • Use a professional (but not employer-provided) email address. If you’re using, consider getting a new address using your first and last name.
  • Include your current job and highlight recent accomplishments.
  • Ban Comic Sans font from your resume! Don’t believe me? Here’s why
  • Consider having a professional editor your resume.  You can find details on my Resume Services page

Your resume is a key first-impression tool. Make sure you’re sending only the messages you intend in 2009.