To Comment or Not to Comment

Since launching this site, one the most common things I’ve heard is “I read your blog – but I don’t comment.” Usually this statement is accompanied by an apologetic tone and it surprises me every time. You’re reading my blog? That’s great! You actually find something I’ve written helpful, funny or interesting? Thank you.

You’re sorry you don’t leave comments? Hmmm.

Does it make me a bad blogger that I don’t hang my worth on the number of comments I receive? Maybe it’s because people have been so open about telling me they are reading. Maybe it’s because I tend to be a blog lurker, too. It’s rare that I will post comments on blogs I read for pleasure (with the exception you, dear Bearded Lady). But, as a reader, I’m always quick to pass along a post I think is especially interesting, useful or funny.

Don’t get me wrong – I love to check out the number of visitors to my site and I am always thinking about how to reach new readers. Just please don’t ask me to divulge how often I check out my own blog stats. 

2 thoughts on “To Comment or Not to Comment

  1. I am so jealous you don’t hang your worth on the number of comments to your blog.

    I DO!! That is why I am always VERY thankful for your input!!!

    Much love!!

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