Look Behind You: Comments

As we tiptoed into 2009, I wrote “it’s rare that I will post comments on blogs.” But, recently, I’ve been trying to be better about commenting – well, really, engaging with the communities on a few of my favorite blogs. In short order, I’ve learned a few key lessons.

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Image courtesy of stock.xchng®


Check back. Most blogs offer a quick, no-hassle way to do this: subscribe to comments. You can elect to receive an email on any comments left after yours. It’s a great way to keep track of conversations. I used this for a blog tour at Motherlogue and loved it.

Really, check back. Just a few days ago, I left a comment on Freelancedom blog and subscribed to comments. Minutes later, I got an email telling me that I had left a comment. When I looked at it more closely, I realized that I had not written it. A spammer had copied my words – and when you clicked on my name, you went to a site about calculators. I have to clean out spam on my own blog everyday, and I’ve never seen anything like this.

Bloggers are approachable. Not of sure what to do about the mysterious spammer comment, I emailed Steph at Freelancedom and explained the weirdness – or at least tried to – and asked her if she’d delete the comment when she had time. Within minutes, she sent a friendly reply and had removed the spam. I appreciated her friendliness, especially considering it was the first time I’d comment on her blog. Thanks, Steph!

I’ll keep commenting and encourage you to do the same. Extra points for sharing your commenting experiences (including the odd ones) and tips. 

4 thoughts on “Look Behind You: Comments

  1. You know what? I had never seen spam like that before, either. It was so weird! Ever since then, I’ve been googling suspicious comments to see if they’ve actually appeared elsewhere first. Oh, the Internet.

  2. Liz, you’re so right about the world seeming a little more connected when comments turn into discussions. Since I started freelancing full time, I’ve learned so much by connecting with other writers, editors and bloggers online.

  3. And, Motherlogue was so happy that you did check back! And, thanks for the tip on the yucky spam taking your comment and linking elsewhere. I love the discussion that can develop between those who comment and check back – it makes the world seem a little more connected.

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