On Rejection

Rejection is part of a writer’s life. We get that, but what do you do with it? Some use it to fuel determination, such as Kathryn Stockett with her now-famous rejection by 60 agents when she was querying for The Help.

Or you can turn it into inspiration, as did the two editors of Modern Love Rejects: All the Love That’s Not Fit to Print. Writers Kiri Blakeley and Samara O’Shea turned their rejections (yes, plural) from the NY Times Modern Love column into a blog whether other rejected writers—many with impressive clips—can showcase their essays. Even better than the essays is the author introductions, some of which highlight their specific rejection experiences. It’s clever way to turn “no thanks” into community. (Hat tip to Lisa Romeo for introducing me to Modern Love Rejects.)

UPDATE: I just saw this on Debbie Ohi’s twitter feed @inkyelbows and had to share. It’s her story of how a rejection got her a book deal. I encourage you to read the whole piece, but will give you one piece of advice on rejections from her post: “You never know what opportunities they’ll bring.”

What about you? Have you been inspired by a rejection? Please share in the comments. (To post a comment, you’ll have to click on the title of the post and then you’ll get a screen with just that post and a comment box.)

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