Raise your mug (of woe)

Mug of Woe book coverIt’s here. I’ve tried, but haven’t found a graceful, elegant way to share that Mug of Woe: Tales to Make You Realize Your Life is Awesome is available now on Amazon.com. Next is the shameless self-promotion: I have an essay in this collection of essays from comedians and humor writers. I was already giddy to be included and then I heard Jenn Dlugos, one of the book’s editors, read a few sentences from several essays on the radio. I’m so proud to be included with this funny, fearless group of people.

If my involvement alone doesn’t interest you, take this early sentence from writer Chris Matteini’s essay: “If I would have you walk away from this with anything, it would be the following: never get in a car with a belligerent drunk chick at 7 a.m. You might lose a tooth.”

Makes you wonder about the rest of that story, doesn’t it? So many of the essays included here showcase how to hook your reader. Hearing some of the first sentences read on the radio, followed by the DJ’s questions about what happened and how things ended was a writing class itself.

As editors Jen Dlugos and Kyle Therese Cranston wrote in the foreward for the book, You have in your precious little hands a collection of hilarious, awkward, and shocking accounts of disappointment, embarrassment, humility, and most importantly, woe. So, sit back. Relax. And enjoy these tales, for they shall make you realize just how awesome your life actually is.”

You can check out the book here and read more Q&As with the contributors (including me) here.

If you’ve read any of the Mug of Woe essays, I’d love for you to share your favorites in the comments. Or, if you’re so inspired, share your own brief tale of woe to make a.k.a readers realize their lives are awesome.

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  1. Thanks so much, Susan! It’s great to finally be in the same anthology as you. I’m still waiting to get my copy (it’s a long story about an empty envelope marked “media mail subject to inspection”) and I can’t wait to read your essay.

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