Catch My Guest Post: Writing Lessons Redux

Invitation_Guest Blog. Original image courtesy of stock.xchng®.Today, you can find me at Brandi-Ann Uyemura’s blog. She asked me to share hard-learned lessons that I wish I’d known when I first started my writing career. In penning the post, I realized that my career choices led to me learn some lessons twice.

Surrounded by boxes of pizza and eager interns, I felt a shock of recognition listening the communications manager who had agreed to speak to my charges. She said that finding and forging her career path was “simple.”

“I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I was in high school and editor of the school paper. I studied journalism in college and got a job.” She had worked in corporate communications for an international travel outfit, a well-known natural beauty brand and a global coffee company, which is where we met. She added that she’d always been focused on writing and editing, even in high school.

I was, too, in high school. Like my guest speaker, I’d written for the school paper, plus I’d edited the yearbook and competed in journalism contests. So, why was she the head of a communications division and I was wrangling interns?

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