Cognitive Connection: March 5: Back to Business Edition

Cognitive Connection. Thinking. Image courtesy of stock.xchng®As I pulled this post together, I realized I’d highlighted business-related articles all week. It’s the perfect reflection of where my head is. March is already far better than February and we’re only five days into it! What’s changed? Well, my attitude for one. Another change is reaching out to people for suggestions of companies to approach for business. I wasn’t even asking for referrals and it led to some new possibilities. Lesson reiterated: it’s okay to ask for help.

There’s one item below from the New York Times that I insist you read. For anyone who’s ever applied for a job (full-time or freelance), it’s extremely cathartic. Have a great weekend!

  • BusinessWeek Special Report: A Guide to Self-Employment Writers and entrepreneurs, this is for you. This special report is bursting with helpful resources and information—whether you’re a new to self-employment or a seasoned business owner.
  • Copyblogger How Smart Freelance Writers 
Handle Their #1 Hassle It’s possible you’ve already seen this one, but it really came in handy for someone this week. This article is perfect to keep on file as a reminder for how to deal with difficult client situations.
  • Freelance Folder Uh-oh! Seven Steps to Deal with an Unhappy Client Also along the lines of dealing with rough client waters, this is another article to keep for a quick reference. Taking the time to read a tip-filled post like this can help you calm down when you receive disappointing (or worse!) feedback on a draft.
  • Motherlogue Guest Post: Christina Katz On Habits That Pay Off If you’ve found yourself justifying work for “exposure” or overbook yourself and still finding your bank account too low, this is the post for you. Christina Katz offers great tips for being a prosperous writer.

Your turn. Any must-reads from this week? Any articles or blog posts that you’d like to share with your fellow readers here? Please share in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Cognitive Connection: March 5: Back to Business Edition

  1. I like the Copyblogger post too 0- and thanks for your round-up, most useful. I just had a reader contact me this week and ask how to write promotional material for her novel – she didn’t know how to praise her own work without looking conceited, but on the other hand didn’t want to sell herself short. Here’s how I advised her to sell herself and keep her credibility –

  2. I read it and found a kindred spirit. Good for him. We should all do this. In keeping with the subject of feeling “dissed”, May I gently request, after having commented diligently and offered you the support of an older fairly experienced writer, that it would be nice to have the favor returned– you might enjoy “Of Awnings and Peaches” and I would love to hear from you. x j

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