Cognitive Connection November 27

Since it’s bound to be a busy weekend for most people—whether spending time with friends and family or racing the clock to meet a deadline—I’m keeping this week’s reading list short.

In addition to three must-read posts, I’m noting three outstanding resources for writers. Have a great weekend!

Resources for Writers

  • Freelance Success This beloved membership-based resource offers tools for freelancers: “market guides, the friendliest business-focused forums, a database where editors find writers, business tools and resource directories, a website and discounts on smart, all-business classes.”
  • UPOD Why the name UPOD? According to the group’s founder, “It’s a nod to my guiding principle as a professional writer: Under Promise, Over Deliver.” It’s a great place get help, ask questions and connect with other writers.
  • Writergrrls This discussion group is for professional women writers from around the world to “discuss the vocation and the craft. Writergrrls includes tech writers, novelists, fiction writers, journalists, and poets — our members work as freelancers, staffers, and somewhere in between.”

Do you have a favorite resource for writers? Did you read anything that particularly stuck with you this week? Share, please! The floor is yours.

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2 thoughts on “Cognitive Connection November 27

  1. Hey Liz ~ I’m pretty sure I found Lisa Romeo’s blog because someone sent me a link to one of her posts… probably a month or so ago. The more blogs I find, the smaller the “blogosphere” becomes.

  2. Funny – I just stumbled across Lisa Romeo thanks to an intro from another friend. I’m taking a workshop she offers in January. How did you find Lisa’s work?

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