It’s in Every Storyteller’s Imagination: the Hits. Lights Up, Please!

When I was very young, my stage was the clothesline in my backyard. My audience: a rickety swing set and cherry tries. Oh, and bees. I performed the Donny & Marie Show, acting as both siblings. My dream wasn’t to be famous; it was to entertain. As a sassy four-year-old, I did it effortlessly. Stars. Image courtesy of stock.xchng®

Growing up, I loved reading and the theatre with equal passion—even though my exposure to theatre was the yearly local high school musical. And the movie and subsequent TV show Fame. Once a Fame kid, always a Fame kid. Even though I have no desire to perform or even write plays (okay, I’ll never say never about writing a play), I still get chills every time I see a theatre production.

Writing about Jonathan Larson in my previous post, made me think of my fellow theatre majors, including those who pursued life on or near the stage and those who followed other dreams. With them in mind, here are my “greatest theatre-themed blog hits.”

Share your storytelling greatest hit in the comments below. The stage is yours.

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