Resume Right: A Theatre Major’s Polish

Based on the stories and tips shared in my post Build Your Own Stage, these five skills give all theatre majors something to flaunt off stage. Even if you’re not a thespian, these tips might give you some ideas to spiff up your own resume.

Project management. Theatre majors can see the big picture and understand the pieces necessary to build a complete production, from start to finish.

Connecting with people. You have developed the ability to be present, listen and respond. These are all things you have to do on stage in character and backstage as you’re listing for your cue (be they cues for an entrance, lights, props or curtains). These skills are useful in any other kind of work.

Presentation skills. Being comfortable and animated in front of groups comes in handy when a presentation must be made.

Attention to detail. If you are a stage manager, you are responsible for every detail of a production. As an actor, character development depends on nuances and minutiae. Leverage your gift for the small things to stand out in the office.

Punctuality. More accurately, arriving early. If you aren’t ready to go at your scheduled audition time, you won’t get the part. Being on time will win big points from any boss at any job.

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