SEO, Oh No! Repetition Can Cause Writers Shame

My blog piece on ridding your writing of repetition has made the rounds, appearing on several other blogs and social media sites. So you’d think I know how to follow my own tips and spot words I overuse. SEO. Image courtesy of stock.xchng®

Or not.

Out of curiosity, I recently ran my blog through a website grader, which also included an SEO analysis. Really, it was a graph of the words appearing most frequently here. There were the usual suspects, like writing, reading and freelancing. But there was one shocking four-letter word that appeared in the top 10. I’m using it again here and then never again. Ready?


Of the thousands upon thousands of words here, how could I have used that one so frequently and not caught it?

If you’re a writer who does any self-editing at all, you know the tricks for avoiding mistakes in a single post. But how do you catch yourself over months—or years—of writing?

Well, obviously, you can use a website grade that measures SEO and screen for overused words. You could also randomly pick a batch of posts and ask someone you trust to give you direct feedback to read them.

You can also ask your readers for feedback, like this:

Readers, have you noticed words I use too frequently? Don’t be shy! Tell me in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “SEO, Oh No! Repetition Can Cause Writers Shame

  1. How funny, I’m a “just” girl, too!! I used to start almost every email with: “I’m just writing to… or I’m just checking to see if…” until I realized I was using it all the time (in my fiction writing, too).

    Sorry I can’t give you any insight on any other word over-usage because I haven’t noticed. (That must be a good thing, right?)

    Thanks for the great reminder, Jesaka!

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