Collecting Summer Reads

With summer officially arriving June 21, I have to ask: what’s on your reading list for the season? Do your reading habits change when the temperature rises? A friend recently shared that all she reads in the summer is mysteries – and that’s Summer reading. Image courtesy of stock.xchng®the only time of year she indulges her taste for fictional sleuthing.

A self-described “gluttonous reader,” my habits don’t shift drastically from snow days to poolside afternoons. The only difference I’ve noticed is that I’m leaning slightly towards fiction this year. Memoirs have been my must-reads for the last several years; I love reading about how people adapt to challenges in their lives. Fiction provides a bit more escape, at least right now.

In building my summer list, I’m taking recommendations from you, NPR, authors, agents – maybe even publicists. Here are a few links I’ve found worth repeating:

NPR’s Summer Books 2009: This big collection also has sub-lists including “Independent Booksellers Pick Summer’s Best Reads” and “No Such Thing As Witty Women? Think Again.”

Nancy Pearl’s Summer Reading List: Famous Seattle librarian and author of “Book Lust,” Nancy’s a great go-to source for book suggestions.

GalleyCat’s Summer Books Round Up: One of my favorite publishing blogs provides a collection of list from magazines and newspapers.

Before the end of June, I’ll post your top book suggestions and a few of my own, so list away!

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2 thoughts on “Collecting Summer Reads

  1. I just picked up a 1948 3-book collection of Daphne du Maurier. Am reading Frenchman’s Creek now… sigh. Absolutely loverly!

    Lots of memoir in my future for Story Circle Network yahoogroup discussions including member books: Walking Nature Home by Susan Tweit and the upcoming Together Alone: etc. by Susan Wittig Albert (that’s not out until September though).


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