Cognitive Connection, October 1: Refresh My Blog Reading—And Yours

Chalk it up to busy writers, above-average fall temperatures (heat waves, even) or perhaps TV distraction—whatever the reason, I didn’t find any stand out blog posts this week. That’s out of the hundreds I read. Of course, that’s not to say I missed a hidden gem. If you read a must-share post, let me know.

Since single posts didn’t stand out, I’m recommending two writing-related blogs for you to give a view or two. I didn’t spend much time reading their archives, but they looked interesting and as if they might offer a fresh perspective. I’ve never linked to either of these blogs before, which was one of the criteria for today’s post.

Clever Title TK


It’s up to you. What blog(s) would you like to recommend I add to my Google Reader? What’s your blog link? There’s no need to be shy. What three blogs do you read without fail? Please share!

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