Guest Post: 8 Ways to Establish Yourself as a Freelance Writer

Guest Post Written By James Adams

number 8. Image courtesy of stock.xchng®The desire of many writers to become successful in the freelance world is frustrated by the need to become an established authority in a particular field. Without established credentials, writers languish in pursuit of their goals and often give up prematurely.

Here you will read about 8 ways to establish yourself as a freelance writer and be able to charge good rates for your work!

1. Make yourself unique – Copywriters are everywhere. So if there are so many of them, who will notice you unless you have something special to offer? Choose a specialty and get very good in that one field: this will become part of your identity. Now you are not just a writer, but you are a technology specialist, a sports writer, a theologian, etc. If you avoid distractions and stay focus, your expertise will soon translate into increased revenue.

2. Practice good writing – You may have mastered spelling, but how about grammar? Even if your grammar skills are good how is your style? Good writers should never stop learning and developing, so don’t settle for your current level of skill. Good writing is clear, organized, and concise and is void of superfluous words and confusing thought patterns. Mastering composition in your language will help you rise above your competitors.

3. Use your own blog to get noticed – While you wait for your freelance ship to come in, why not set up a blog to showcase your writing? At first you may not get much exposure, but as you create quality content, you will find that other sites will link to yours, search engines will pick you up, and you soon will become a frequently-quoted expert in your field.

4. Get a business plan – Many writers don’t make the connection between their freelance work and a business, but the sooner you do this, the better. A business plan defines your mission and your goals as well as how you will achieve them. Be sure to include your income requirements. By having this blueprint in place, you have a guide in place that will keep you focused on your goals. Your business is selling yourself, so be sure to include a marketing plan for your brand and your writing. Just remember, if you never aim for anything, chances are you never will hit the target you want.

5. Make yourself available – Often writers catch the attention of a potential client but then cannot be reached. Make sure clients can get to you or else you will lose opportunities without even becoming aware of them.

6. Establish good work practices – Just because you work at home doesn’t mean you have the right to loaf. Working for yourself can require a higher degree of self-discipline than you ever needed as an employee. Get into the habit of working and behaving like a professional, so when your freelance work comes in you will have the ability to get it done well.

7. Meet deadlines – Getting freelance work is hard enough without complications such as missed deadlines. Inspire your clients to have confidence in you by getting work delivered to them in time. By establishing yourself as a reliable source, you will establish yourself above the average aspiring freelance writer.

8. Get it in writing – Some writers become so ecstatic about landing a job that they forget to get terms in writing. Without a binding agreement, your work can be pilfered and you left penniless. A client unwilling to make a formal agreement with you for your services, beware: you have better things to do than deliver work for free.

These are just 8 ways to establish yourself as a freelance writer. Work on these and you will have a solid start to a rewarding career.

James Adams is a blogger at one of the leading ink cartridges stores online. He spends much of his time reviewing new hardware like the HP 350XL and posting on their design blog.

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  1. Great article,

    I am a contractor on oDesk, and apart from my blog, I haven’t written anything in years. Writing is definitely something that I want to pursue and I am busy honing my skills at the moment.

    I particularly point 2.

    As a native English speaker, it can be hard to know all the rules of grammar and punctuation!

    Keep up the good work.

    Ruthy 🙂

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