Getting the Words on Schedule

Well, hello, September! I’d said I was going to take an August break and thought that meant a little extra time to write. While I did write, much of it was for clients. No complaints here, but I have said “yes” to so many copywriting projects that I’m still a little slow with the blog posts. I promise you they will re-appear. Thanks so much to everyone who’s suggested ideas and asked for more information. I have plenty of new ideas to share with you.

While I wrangle these copywriting projects, I’ll leave you with a few more guest posts and Cognitive Connections on Friday. If you can hang in there with me just another week or so, we’ll be back on track.

For now, you should read The Barter by Hamilton Cain. It’s an incredible, inspiring essay. If you’re a writer, a theatre major (because I know you’re my readers) and/or a parent, this is for you.