Add a Candle: Musings on My Second Blogiversary

My blog a.k.a writer is officially two years old today. When I started blogging, I was still living in Seattle and earning a full-time paycheck. Now I call Denver home and am very happy to be a freelance copywriter. And my creative writing “side project” has great momentum. You’ll hear no complaints from me!

But I would like to hear from you. What interests you most? My posts cover freelancing, being an entrepreneur (especially because that seems to be expected of writers these days), copywriting and creative writing. What would you like to know more about?

Last year for my blogiversary, I wrote about the top five things I learned in my first year as a blogger and what group blogging taught me. Last month, I shared how blogging helps me with writing discipline.

To celebrate a.k.a writer this year, let’s talk about guest posts. I have been so fortunate to feature amazing guest bloggers (including talented writers like Liz Sheffield, Steph Auteri, Susan Johnston, Erin Blakemore, and Hamilton Cain) who have shared new perspectives and tips. It’s been a lovely way to connect with my fellow writers and to learn new things.

Interested in sharing your words here? Check out my brand spanking new Guest Post Guidelines. I hope to see your name here this year.

Now the spotlight’s on you: what would you like to see in year three of this blog? The floor is yours!

6 thoughts on “Add a Candle: Musings on My Second Blogiversary

  1. happy anniversary to your great blog and congrats on the fresh pressed guest post several days after! as far as stuff I’d like to read about? as an amateur writer (unpublished) any tips you’d like to share on becomming published for the first time?

    thanks for the great blog!

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