Cognitive Connection, July 30: Writing It, Querying It and Rejecting It

Cognitive Connection. Thinking. Image courtesy of stock.xchng®Let’s call this week done and get to the good stuff: blog posts you’ll want to read. If you’re focused on your writing and don’t want to think about agents or publishing yet, the first two are for you. If you’re going through the process of querying agents, then carve out a few minutes to read #queryslam and The Rejector today (details below). And, if you’ve got the time, please let me know what you think of them, too.

  • Janice Erlbaum Journal writing for people who hate journal writing I’m a huge fan of Janice’s memoirs Girl Bomb and Have You Found Her. If you haven’t read one or both of her books, I highly recommend them. This post interested me because I’m not much of a journal writer—at least, not any more. From the time I was a kid until my late twenties, I always kept a journal. My thirties? Not so much. Janice’s point with keeping a journal is that “it’s the sh*t that’s in the way between you and your deeper ideas.” Maybe I should start journaling again. Don’t miss this post—and the additional gold in the comments.
  • #queryslam Don’t let the word “slam” stop you from checking this out. This link will take you to Twitter, where @InternAmie is sharing feedback from the slush pile. What makes this a must read is Amie’s positive, pro-writer attitude. She genuinely wants writers to succeed (a.k.a, make it out of the slush pile) and shares constructive feedback. For example: “I see the word ‘grueling’ and ‘haunting’ in a lot of queries. Time for some fresh terms, folks!” Now, that’s useful.
  • The Rejector Rejections! If you can get past the blog tag line “I don’t hate you. I just hate your query letter.” you’ll get to some helpful information on querying agents and (possibly) deciphering rejection letters. The blogger, an anonymous assistant at a literary agency, also offers insight on publishing news and trends. Another one for your RSS reader.

Your turn. Any opinions, blog posts or articles on writing you’d like to share? Also, if you’re a fan of keeping a journal, I’d love to hear why and how you approach it. Post away in the comments below. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Cognitive Connection, July 30: Writing It, Querying It and Rejecting It

  1. It is a group journal. It’s fun to look back, since we all know whose handwriting is whose and see the silly, funny or deep things we’ve written about. Sometimes it’s a quote, or a drawing and sometimes doesn’t make a lot of sense, but whenever we go out together, we tote it along to write in. Then we send it to its new home (in the bottom of one of our dresser drawers, haha!) until the next time.

  2. Hey Jessica, thank you for your comment. Is “The Journal of Shame” a group journal? How interesting! I’ve never done anything like that, but now I’m very curious. And I love the name of it.

  3. Thanks so much for your post, Jesaka! I didn’t know I hated Journaling until I read Janice’s post and then I thought, “Yes, I do. I hate it.”

    Very eye opening. My girlfriends and I keep a journal (aptly named “The Journal of Shame”) in which we detail any quotes or observations from our evening spent in front of several glasses of wine. Maybe I should introduce this into my personal life as well…


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