Cognitive Connection, July 16: A Heaping Helping of Encouragement and Writing Tips

Cognitive Connection. Thinking. Image courtesy of stock.xchng®Some weeks can feel like churn: me, my laptop, email and copy. I consider myself very fortunate to spend my time working with words and getting paid for it, but like any job it can have it’s duller moments. But this week was exceptional. I left the house and engaged in interesting, thought-provoking conversations (with other people) about books and writing. I’ve met many talented writers the last four months and I love learning from them all.

  • Ask Allison When One Opinion is Just That: One Opinion A reader asks author Allison Winn Scotch for advice after an agent tells this reader there’s no place in the market for her book. In answering, Allison reminds us all that we should not “get caught up in singular feedback.”
  • Janet Fitch’s Blog 10 Writing Tips That Can Help Almost Anyone As soon as I discovered Janet’s blog this week, I immediately added it to my Google reader. Her writing is beautiful and Paint It Black is one of my favorite recent novels. She offers helpful, actionable advice in this post. And, it’s applicable across many genres.
  • Lisa Romeo Writes Summer Writing Prompt Project From Lisa: “If you are having a tough time churning out words, if you occasionally feel (in addition to overheated) that you really should be writing more, or just enjoy a creative kick, a daily writing prompt may be the ticket.” She’s offering a free daily writing prompt until August 31.
  • There Are No Rules – Guest post by Justin Kramon 2 Concrete Ways To Keep Your Writing Career Moving Forward Justin’s book Finny was released July 13. In this guest post, he offers specific tips (including resources and links) to help writers fend off despair in a field of rejection. If you like Justin’s post on There Are No Rules, check out his blog—it’s all about his process of writing and getting his novel published.
  • Work in Progress This is a monthly e-mail newsletter presented by Farrar, Straus and Giroux The description from the website had me hooked: “Welcome to Work in Progress, our monthly missive from the front lines of literature. […] Think of this as a shifting space—an exhibition, a meet-and-greet, a freak show—curated by our editors and writers, delivered here and to your inbox.”

Your turn. Any opinions, blog posts or articles on writing you’d like to share? Post away in the comments below. Thanks!

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One thought on “Cognitive Connection, July 16: A Heaping Helping of Encouragement and Writing Tips

  1. I can’t tell you how fantastic I found these links, particularly the one by the debut writer who talked about how to keep moving forward with your writing career during the tough times. This has quickly become one of my favorite writing blogs and I find that I’m spending far too much time on here. Totally worth it, though. Many thanks.

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