Cognitive Connection, May 14: It’s the Third Annual Writers Worth Day

Writers Worth Day 2010 | Third Annual Writers Worth DayToday is the Third Annual Writers Worth Day. What is Writers Worth Day? It’s an online campaign created by blogger and fellow freelancer Lori Widmer. It’s designed to promote the fair market value of writers through education, awareness, and ongoing support.

It’s also a “time to celebrate the value and skills you bring to your clients and the writing world,” according to Lori.  She’s devoted her blog this week by encouraging fellow through what she called “worth-inducing tips.”

What’s my worth-inducing tip to you? Well, I’ve actually got three.

First, say no to content mills. You can do better.

Second, take time to celebrate the skills, talent and value you bring your clients. And by value I don’t mean “cheap.” I mean the approach and perspective that only you can provide.

Third, head over to Lori’s blog and spend some time reading—and sharing—tips with your fellow writers.

Happy Writers Worth Day.

2 thoughts on “Cognitive Connection, May 14: It’s the Third Annual Writers Worth Day

  1. Jesaka, you’re the best! Thanks for the link luv, and all the support and camraderie.

    I’m with you – say NO to content mill work, and any work that doesn’t pay your rate. I can’t understand when writers say “But that’s all they’re paying!” Then they aren’t your clients. Your clients are the ones who will pay the rate YOU set.

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