Cognitive Connection, May 7

Cognitive Connection. Thinking. Image courtesy of stock.xchng®Due to a hectic schedule, I’m offering you only four recommended reads this week. If you’d like to more to read or if you’d like to discover some new blogs, check out the list of WordCount Blogathon 2010 participants. These brave bloggers are posting every single day in May. I’m sure they would love your support.

  • PR Breakfast Club PR ADD Eric Berto makes a terrific point about how it’s so easy to “focus on what’s next, sometimes we do it at the expense of what’s current.”

Your turn. Any great reads that you’d like to share with your fellow readers? Print counts, too. If you’re hooked on a new book or loved an article or essay in a magazine, include it here. Please share in the comments below. Thanks!

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One thought on “Cognitive Connection, May 7

  1. I have almost finished Olive Kittridge and regret the book is almost over. Olive appears in every story. The book won the Pulitzer. Such great writing!

    I heard an interesting number for book writers: at Muse & the Marketplace Allison Winn Scotch said a print run should be 10,000 copies or forget it, not worthwhile. Not sure that’s what you meant by print counts, but wanted to share.

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