Cognitive Connection: April 10. Special Polling Edition.

Cognitive Connection. Thinking. Image courtesy of stock.xchng®My posting schedule has been off for most of this week. It’s a sign that business is picking up—as is the workload for a new writing workshop I am taking. So far, Q2 is bursting with promising and I’m eagerly pursuing everything I can.

With that, I’m also interested in pausing to take a look at “Cognitive Connection,” a weekly collection of links I started in July 2009. It’s been a productive and fun way to share the resources, blog posts and stories (e.g., essays) that fill my Google Reader.

Now I’m asking you: should I keep Cognitive Connection? Or should it retire for the spring and summer? I am seeking any and all suggestions for content on this blog and I am especially interested in what you would like to see on Fridays.

Please let me know what you think through the poll here. The comments are also yours to share suggestions and opinions. I am open-minded and not easily offended, so please don’t hold back.

And not to leave you reading-less this week, I suggest this essay All We Read Is Freaks.

Thanks for taking time to share your opinions and suggestions here. I really appreciate it! Have a great weekend.

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