Cognitive Connection: April 2

Cognitive Connection. Thinking. Image courtesy of stock.xchng®The early days of April always make me think about my grandfather. His birthday was April 2 and he loved jokes, especially practical jokes. I’m convinced that it was his influence that inspired me to attempt to fool my grandmother on every report card day. Without fail, I’d always try to convince her I’d gotten a bad grade in a subject like math. She only fell for it once, but I considered it a big triumph.

In honor of my grandfather, I’m highlighting the lighter side of things today. The reads here are informative and skew towards humor.

  • While laughter is a gift, there’s no denying that jokes can backfire. Here’s the story of a Denver-based company that contacted a movie studio to get permission for an April Fools’ Day jest. It horribly backfired, leading the company to place a black plastic bag over its sign yesterday. But not to worry, there’s an uplifting update posted today.

Your turn. Any good, light-hearted reads from this week? Any articles or blog posts you’d like to share with your fellow readers here? Please share in the comments.

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