Cognitive Connection: February 13

Somehow, I’m summing up this week with a mix of football, freelancing and show tunes. One of those three things is not typically associated with me. Just ask my brother! But I do love a good story, especially when shared by a talented writer.

  • Paige Bowers Every Family in Louisiana Has One. While much has been written about the 2010 Super Bowl and the Saints, the personal history and stories Paige shares are compelling and heart-warming—even if you’re not a football fan.
  • Also along the lines of exploring cubicle-free work is FreelanceFolder’s How Committed Are You to Freelancing? Writer Laura Spencer explores the differences between long-time freelancers and those who return to the traditional 9-5. Be sure to check out the comments on this one, too, for a spirited discussion.
  • Another thing I love about what I do is my fellow writers and bloggers. One in particular made my week, with some perfect gig-related advice and a little dish of Glee. Thank you, Susan!  For you Glee fans, here’s a delightful video of a guy who dreams of joining the song-and-dance TV show.

Your turn. Assuming you’re not consumed with all Olympics, all the time, what did you read this week that stuck with you? Please share in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Cognitive Connection: February 13

  1. Hi Jesaka– hope all is going well for you. I have yet to learn the art of trackbacking…et cetera, but will get there soon. Meanwhile some new things on my site.

    If you go to Greywolf site you’ll find a volume on memoir; the excerpt is fabulous. I read and commented on other excerpts there– added a Commentary, Writing page to my blog. xj

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