Cognitive Connection January 22: Behind the Story

This question is directed at the writers here: do your friends and family call you nosey? Mine do—and always have. Even as a child, my favorite one-word question was “why?” and I liked to eavesdrop on conversations. I always wanted to know the story and what happened behind the story. Sometimes, when I’m watching movie or reading a great article, I want to know how the director got that shot or how the writer secured that tidbit of information.

While I know when to keep it in check, there’s no question that I am endlessly curious. One reason I love writing is because I’m always learning something!

With that, I give you my reading picks for the week, most of which focus on the story behind the story.

Your turn. What story or behind-the-story piece did you read this week that you’d like to share here?

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4 thoughts on “Cognitive Connection January 22: Behind the Story

  1. Thank you all for sharing your experiences and responses to the links here.

    @Paige ~ if I can say it one more time: thank you so much for posting about your experience at Dave Eggers reading.

    @Jenne’ ~ I’ve read a few pieces on your blog and enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing your stories here, too!

    @Steve ~ Thanks for making me smile and making me a little curious about your age. 🙂

  2. I’ve only been a writer (aspiring) for less than a year, but I’ve been considered “nosey” since I was a young kid, which was longer ago than I want to share right now 🙂


  3. Hey Jesaka– thanks so much for the great reading and the blogging idea. I will respond and post in the next few days on my site, — here on WordPress.

    I go back a long with Mary Karr; I was a mentor of hers many years ago in the Twin Cities, briefly; there were many of us who picked up on what she has going. I really enjoyed the Paris Review excerpt and I plan to read your piece later. I had not read your bio and I want to say: Shine On! Great work!

    I have several new posts on my blog; in the spirit of plein air painting I have assigned myself a post a day, warming up to the memoir that has been lying fallow for a long time. Some pieces are on my site as pages; you might enjoy my tongue in cheek critique of the Red Room posted day before yesterday, and possibly today’s; I wrote about a feed mill in Old Fort Collins, the city where I dwell.


  4. Thank you for the link love! And thanks for this great roundup of industry-specific reading. I always look forward to seeing what’s on your radar.

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