Cognitive Connection December 11

Between trying to wrap up few copywriting and marketing projects, update addresses for my holiday cards and revise an essay, it’s been a hectic week. And scattered—it seems like there are a thousand things to do to close up this year and get ready for 2010.

But, you know me: there is always time for reading. Here are some of my favorites from this week.

  • Betsy Lerner One Love A “writer’s voice” has been a fairly popular topic here, so I thought you might enjoy literary agent Betsy Lerner’s pontifications on voice.
  • Editor Unleashed Dr. Wicked: NaNoWriMo’s Obstetrician Since I’d considered—but did not participate—in NaNoWriMo this year, I found Alegra Clarke’s tales of turning to “Dr. Wicked” highly entertainingly and intriguing. To quote her description: “Dr.Wicked is labor induction for words that need to get out. You choose the length of time you want to write and how fast and furious you want the pace to be set… ‘Evil mode’ meant that I was given maybe 3 seconds to pause during writing before ‘kamikaze mode’ kicked in and started erasing everything I had previously written.”
  • FreelanceFolder You May Be Addicted to Social Media If… Even if you’re sure you don’t have an addition, don’t miss this hilarious quiz. Chances are, if you don’t find yourself in it, you’ll find people you know. The stories in the comments are good for a laugh, too.
  • WritersWeekly I Was Sucked Into Content Mill Writing (By Anonymous) A writer (anonymously) shares a personal experience with a content mill (a popular topic on this blog). The article’s author provides a new insight into why content mills can be an especially powerful pull for new and/or inexperienced writers: it can feel like you’re a part of a writing community. Until it doesn’t.
  • I also want to call out Boomvang Creative’s Freelance Forecast 2009. It’s full of useful information provided by freelancers and the clients who hire freelancers. The 2010 Freelancers Perspective survey is now open. I encourage you to participate—it only takes a few minutes and you could win a $100 Staples or iTunes gift card. (Thank you to The Urban Muse for introducing me to Jake’s Freelance Forecast.)

Did you read anything that particularly stuck with you this week? Share, please! The floor is yours.

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