Cognitive Connection November 20: 5 Reads for Writers

Lesson, reiterated: always have a few blog posts written and ready to post at the click of the “publish” button. A deadline and a stomach bug seriously derailed my blogging commitments this week. Now that the deadline is met and I’m feeling better, here are my (late) reading picks from the last seven days.

Seriously good stuff for writers in this Cognitive Connection—from dealing deliberately hurtful comments to struggling with the sound of silence that follows so many queries.

  • In Betsy Lerner’s You Light Up My Life post, she shares a hurtful comment made to her writer-husband and invites readers to share their own doozies in the comments. The 80+ responses prompted her to follow up with I Hate Myself for Loving You. Don’t miss a word—or comment—from either blog entry.
  • Nathan Bransford’s Waiting is the Worst Part , a delightfully personal post on how long it took this literary agent “to crack” after sending out his own book and waiting for responses.
  • Speaking of waiting, check out Reject Me, Please by freelance writer Chris Rodell on the Media Bistro blog We The ’Bistro. “It’s a Twilight Zone existence where I spend my days yelling down a long canyon and hearing no echoes.”
  • The Renegade Writer Blog Reach Out and Touch an Editor (No, Not Like That!) Linda Formichelli shares her personal efforts—and results—from following up with editors.

Did you read anything that particularly stuck with you this week? Share, please! The floor is yours.

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