Cognitive Connection September 18: Special Writer Mills Edition

Cognitive Connection. Thinking. Image courtesy of stock.xchng®Since posting Writer Mills: You Can Do Better one month ago, the number of voices participating in conversations about rates, content aggregators and related subjects has grown. The discussion has expanded, too, with many viewpoints and passionate arguments. Since one of the best exchanges around this topic happened last weekend, I’m focusing this Cognitive Connection on writer mills.

No Shortage of Opinions

Last Friday, Michelle Rafter posted a wonderful and even-toned compilation of varying opinions (including mine) regarding “the great freelance rate debate.” With Michelle’s post, a reader could form his/her own opinions and share them. And readers did! At last count there were more than 40 comments.

I’m also including a link to one of the writers Michelle highlighted: Deb Ng. She has a very different perspective about writing for places like Demand Studios. It’s definitely worth a read, regardless of your opinion.

The “S” Word

Following the weekend debate at WordCount – Freelancing in the Digital Age, Michelle and Erik Sherman, another writer you’ve seen mentioned here before, both published great posts about freelancing and sales. I’m with them on this: if you consider yourself a freelancer writer, then you are in sales. That’s one reason I consider myself a business owner—you’ve got to market and bring in the work.

And the conversation continues

Just yesterday, I discovered a new voice in this debate. Meet Liz Craig. I found her blog through the “Advertising Copywriters” group on LinkedIn. While it’s clear Liz and I are of similar thought, she lays down some powerful language around this topic. She also shares a video clip that I’ll let her describe: “One very good, very famous writer is mad as hell about writers (especially himself) getting cheated out of their due: Harlan Ellison.”

What about you?

Have you found a resource or a must-read blog post about these sites? Have you read something that’s changed your opinion? Please share in the comments. The floor is yours!

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2 thoughts on “Cognitive Connection September 18: Special Writer Mills Edition

  1. Michelle, I can’t wait to read your Writer’s Digest article! Thanks for sharing the publication date here. I just read Josh Olson’s “I Will Not Read Your F**king Script” this weekend and loved it. Everyone should read – though, like you pointed out, perhaps not at work.

  2. Jesaka:

    Thanks for compiling this list of blog posts. If readers are interested in learning more, I’ve got a story coming out in the November/December issue of Writer’s Digest that includes several freelancers’ stories of writing for content aggregators, as well as a list of what some of the top sites (in terms of traffic) pay.

    Meanwhile, for a slightly different take on the subject of writers doing something for nothing, read this rant by screenwriter Josh Olson (“A History of Violence”) called “I Will Not Read Your F**king Script,” published Sept. 9 on the Village Voice blog. Warning: his liberal use of the f bomb makes this NSFW.

    Michelle Rafter

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