Cognitive Connection September 11

Congnitive Connection. Thinking. Image courtesy of stock.xchng®What a week! It feels like I gave every last word I have to a client over the last ten days. The project was a hard – but much needed – stretch. I’ll definitely be sharing some lessons I learned here. With that, I give you some great reads for your weekend.

  • Ben Spark: Use Every Color in Your Box of Crayons It’s a post from late August, but I just found it. Ben’s a photographer and I’m a big fan of writers learning from other creative types. And vice versa, of course!
  • Chuck Palahniuk: 13 writing tips I always enjoy writing tips from the authors I read – and most of Chuck’s books are on my bookshelves.
  • Editor Unleashed: Editor Unleashed 25 Best Writing Blogs 2009 I encourage you to check out editor Maria Schneider’s list. She categorizes the best blogs by publishing news, marketing & social media, creativity, fiction writing and freelance writing.
  • Erik Sherman’s WriterBiz: Writer Mills Making Big $: Demand Studios Warning: you may be really angry when you read this post. I really appreciate Erik’s work in shining a light on these awful writer mills. It’s also a perfect follow up piece if you enjoyed my post  Writer Mills: You Can Do Better.
  • Freelance Folder: 20 Not-So-Obvious Blogs For Freelancers Some of these you may know – especially if you’re involved in marketing for yourself and/or others. Definitely worth checking out.
  • Michelle Rafter: Freelance Tribes I absolutely love – and relate to – Michelle’s post, which focuses on how she felt like she lost her “tribe” when she lost her job in newsroom. Even though I left my job to start freelancing, I missed the support system and friends I had at work. Like Michelle, I’ve built a freelance tribe through social networking and a local group for creative freelancers. (That’s Indie Arsenal if you’re in Denver.)

Did you read anything that particularly stuck with you this week? Share, please! The floor is yours.

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3 thoughts on “Cognitive Connection September 11

  1. Thanks Jesaka – and how fun that you called out WordCount today, because I just finished a post on content mills and linked to one of your posts on the subject! Now I’m off to read Chuck P.’s writing tips and Maria S.’s best writer blogs list.

    Michelle Rafter

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