Introducing Cognitive Connection

Congnitive Connections. Thinking. Image courtesy of stock.xchng®As part of my twitter profile, I describe myself as a gluttonous reader. It’s true – and it extends beyond books. During the week, I read hundreds of blog posts ranging from personal tales to inspiring and helpful resources. So, each Friday, I’m going to share a collection of links to the posts that stood out the most. Some will be resources related to blogging, freelancing, writing and/or general “job-ishness.” Others will be stories that make you think or laugh or, just maybe, both.

Here’s this week’s Cognitive Connection.

Did you read anything that particularly stuck with you this week? Share, please! The floor is yours.

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5 thoughts on “Introducing Cognitive Connection

  1. Hi Liz, Michelle and Susan ~ Thank you so much for stopping by! I love sharing your great work with other people.

    Windy ~ Your comments always make me smile. Glad you find the site helpful!

  2. I love this idea (and not only because you’ve linked back to Danny’s Express). It’s such a great way to do just what your title says: Cognitive Connection. I look forward to checking out the other links.

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