Faceless, Tweetless: A Social Media Fast?

Several members of a freelance writer’s group [UPOD] I recently joined are giving up social media for one week. Could you do it?

Can I? Nope.

My favorite social media sites are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Okay, maybe I could give up Twitter for a week, but it was through Twitter that I found two great opportunities, including Conclave Journal.

Courtesy Svilen Mushkatov at www.bigphoto1.blogspot.com

Courtesy Svilen Mushkatov at http://www.bigphoto1.blogspot.com

But LinkedIn and Facebook? That seems impossible.

Several recent clients have originated from messages sent to my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Eventually, the conversations move to my email and then phone.

 I’ve received several initial inquiries and referrals on LinkedIn and Facebook – and I’ve done the same myself, either introducing myself or sending someone a referral. It’s a good way to know that my email won’t end up in an overzealous spam filter. On a few occasions, it’s been my status updates about specific types of projects that have prompted someone to contact me regarding work.

If I gave up LinkedIn and Facebook for a week, I’d be wondering what kind of freelance opportunities I missed for those seven days.

Could you do it?  If you’re interested, you can join the challenge now.