Logo Launch

Meet my new logo, designed by the extremely talented and brilliant Jeff Ashley. The new a.k.a writer logo has also inspired me to overhaul my site and update my portfolio, too. Looking for an old blog post? You can now find it through the search box or through the drop-down category menu.

In the near future, you’ll see new content, too. Lately, other people who are opening new businesses or striking out on their own have inspired me. As an independent business owner, I love being nimble enough to adjust my business model and adapt to the economy. It’s been  a privilege to focus my writing and editing skills on creating bios for consultants and designers as well as producing website copy for innovative  entrepreneurs  determined to help change the world.

I’ll debut a new feature showcasing business owners and entrepreneurs soon. In the meantime, give the new site a whirl and join me in admiring my beautiful new logo. 

5 thoughts on “Logo Launch

  1. your site is amazing! i stumbled upon it this evening. i love it (the logo isn’t bad, either)!

  2. Congrats!! Your new logo and site look so VERY superfantastic indeed! Feel free to edit this comment for redundancy and creative capitalization.

  3. I like, but couldn’t we change “yarn spinner” in the logo to “bullsh*tter?” Or is “raconteur” the more socially acceptable term?

    Just kidding… looks great! Keep up the good work.

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