Resume Right: Version Control

Sometimes I find myself rebelling against the question what do you want to be when you grow up? Maybe it’s because I’m not sure I want to “grow up.” My grandfather never did — we still watched cartoons together when I was home from college. But it’s a question you have to answer, at least to some degree. 

What does your resume convey you’ll be? More accurately, is your resume targeted to the job you want? Although writing is my first love, I’ve also managed enough complex projects that I could focus on project management. I’ve also worked with in-house clients and been an staffing agency account manager, so I could also target my resume for a job on the account side of an agency.

It doesn’t mean I don’t know what I want to do – it just means I think about how I could leverage different aspects of my skills in a tight market if I needed to. 

Your turn. How many versions of your resume do you have? And draft v.5 doesn’t count!

One thought on “Resume Right: Version Control

  1. What a great question. I am a job search coach and I counsel my clients to create a new resume for each job to which they apply. Why? Because the resume is a marketing tool and each job opportunity a different customer. In any given job search a person should have as many resumes as companies for which they interviewed. Bet you didn’t expect that answer.
    The Coach

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