Resume Right: Verbs

I’m known for turning out mean, clean resumes for people who are looking to move up or move on to new jobs. They say it’s because I’m a writer. Well, yes, I’m a writer. But I’ve also put words to work in the staffing industry and in the recruiting department of a global coffee company. So I’ve had the opportunity to help people polish their resumes and hear the unvarnished feedback from hiring managers.

The best resume tip I’ve ever heard – or shared? Use verbs.

Using verbs tells recruiters and hiring managers what you actually did instead of listing a generic job description. 

Coordinated department supplier conference

Managed logistics and executed communication plan for department supplier conference for 100+ participants

Here’s another example:

Function as team lead while working closely with subject matter experts on various components of event planning 

Lead cross-functional team of subject matter experts to deliver key components of event planning   

Of course, there’s more to a great resume than verb, but action words are a great starting place. 

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